Cambodia 5 - Floating Village


(approaching rain)

Cambodia 2 - Silk

Images from the local silk farm and factory (where they rear the silk worms, harvest the cocoons, and then process, dye and weave the fibers into products), near Siem Reap.

Rearing room:

Young silk worms:

Mature silk worms:

Cocooning worms:

Harvested cocoons:

Unwinding cocoons and skeining raw fibers

Bleached silk:

Spooling bleached/cleaned silk:

Natural dye plants used:

Dye baths:

For one type of weaving, they first tie-dye the threads in a specific pattern, typically in multiple rounds of tie-ing and dying with additive colors. Then the tie-dyed threads are wound onto chop sticks in exact order, and woven in that order, usually using a weave that creates a dimensional pattern (ex: diamond shapes) to compliment the dyed pattern that emerges from the threads themselves.

Cambodia 1 - Beng Mealea Temple

from the bus, phnom penh to siem reap

jungle-claimed temple of beng mealea


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